Welcome to the pages of the tourist information guide of the city of Prilep, the city where you would be pleasantly welcome by its hospitable citizens. Here you will find information about the most important features and landmarks of the existence of Prilep 

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hand gliding

Free flight is an exciting experience itself, but when you combine the adrenaline with the beautiful place, which you fly over it, you get an unforgettable experience.

Such a combination offers an exciting Treskavec.  Anchored between the stone confines of Zlatovrv, 1,280 meters above sea level, this place leaves no one indifferent, mostly because of unique natural beauty, but also because of the mystique ancient stories and the peace and tranquility of the namesake monastery complex.

From Treskavec you can see the Pelagonija valley, the mountains Babuna, Pelister, Kajmakcalan, and at night the lights of the cities Bitola, Prilep and Krusevo.It is the perfect destination to escape from civilization and merge with natural and spiritual.

The excellent infrastructure and location make Treskavec to be a favorite destination for pilots of hang gliding and paragliding from all over Europe. For many years, the Pelagonia region, including also the start of Meckin Kamen in Krusevo, is an exciting flight arena for those who dare to fly with the birds.