Welcome to the pages of the tourist information guide of the city of Prilep, the city where you would be pleasantly welcome by its hospitable citizens. Here you will find information about the most important features and landmarks of the existence of Prilep 

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Pavla Chuka

Archeological localities

pavla cuka baner

The site "Paul Chuka" near Prilep villagePodmol is known in science since the distant 1936, when the first excavations were carried out under the leadership of Nikola Vulikj. Since 2007 the Institute of Archaeology, Faculty of Philosophy - Skopje in cooperation with the Institute for Protection of Cultural Monuments and Museum - Prilep implement systematic archaeological research in progress.The tomb was built of large stone blocks. Thedromos (entrance to the tomb) is in a length of 11 meters and high up to 3.15 meters. While the chamber (the central inner part) has dimensions 6 x 3.50 cm.The tomb on the outside was surrounded by a ring wall, built also of stone blocks in the amount of three rows. This unique and monumental tomb of the Macedonian type from IV century in the old era, in the late Roman period was respected as saint place, supported assumption based on the discovered tombs in front of the outer wall.