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prilep mestopolozba

Prilep is a city in Macedonia with 67,925 inhabitants and an area of1184 km2. Prilep lies on the eastern edge of the Prilep field, which is part of the largest valley in Macedonia - Pelagonija. The city is situated between the Marko’s Towers and Mount Zelenik in the north, Mount Selechka in the south, in the east there are slight rised cascades, formed by former Pelagonia Lake, and on the west there is a wide open Prilep field.

Prilep is located on absolute altitude of 620-650 meters, and on the hilly slopes around the city up to 680 meters. The rivers Dabnichka, Orevoechka and Selechka flow through the cityand they forme the CityRiver, which in the south of Prilep, through the Blato River flows into the River Crna, right tributary of the Vardar.You can come in the city on thehighway M5/E65. The city is 138 km away from the capital Skopje. The climate in Prilep is mainly continental.